Training at UBC

The Team trains mainly at UBC where we practice by running through scenarios we create in incident command and decision making, first aid techniques, rope rescue, and basket training. 

The team outsources training from industry professional and we are very grateful to have training sponsors in Ontario Mine Rescue, Dynamic Rope Rescue, and Valley First Aid to train the team to industry standards in their emergency response skills.


No underground mine

The university does not have access to an underground training facility so we have made a mock mine inside our mining building. We have made a "mine" plan and practice on weekends.

no air compressor

BC Ministry of Mines sends us oxygen to train with but as we have no ability to fill our own which restricts when we can train under oxygen.


Ontario Mine Rescue

The team has traditionally received training from Ontario Mine Rescue. In the past we flew out to Sudbury, ON to spend a week training. Last year, we had Jason Leger come to UBC to train the team. 


New Afton Mine Rescue

The team travels to the New Afton Mine to receive training for the BC Underground Mine Rescue Certification. The New Afton Mine Rescue Team is one of many teams who offer a helping hand when we are down at the Provincial Mine Rescue Competition.

Dynamic Rescue Systems

We reached out to Dynamic Rescue Systems to receive training for Low to Steep Angle Rope Rescue. The team spent the weekend training at the facility located in Langley, BC. We hope to continue training with Dynamic in the future.