BC Mine Rescue and First Aid Competition

The Team competing at their second Provincial Mine Rescue and First Aid Competition hosted in Kimberly, BC. Here we competed against 2 other underground rescue teams

2017 Training at UBC

We train at the University and have prepared a "mock" mine of our mining building. 

2018 OMR Training

Ontario mine rescue traveled to vancouver to train the team in PREPARATION for 2018 provincials

2017 MERD

The Team trains and competes in the biennial Mine Emergency Response Development (MERD) competition held at the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) in Idaho Springs, Colorado

2018 New afton training

New Afton spent a week teaching the Ubc mr team extensively in mine rescue techniques

2018 BC Provincials

the team traveled to kimberley, bc to compete in the 2018 fire and mine rescue provincial competition