Canadian Inaugural Student Mine Rescue Competition

The University of British Columbia is hosting a student mine rescue competition to be held February 21st -22nd, 2020. Currently there are only two Canadian universities, UBC and Laurentian (Ontario), that have competitive student mine rescue teams. This number is far below the standards within the US, who see mine rescue as a critical part of their mining engineering curriculum. To introduce a Canadian student competition will initiate the desire for more universities across Canada to introduce their own competition programs and teams. In doing so, more students will be exposed to the reality of what happens when hazardous situations occur, the role that mine rescue plays and benefit from applying emergency response techniques in a high-spirited competitive environment designed to elevate both individual and team skills. Ultimately bringing these enhanced skills and practical knowledge into the workplace and their lives.

Competition Break Down

Obstacle and Recovery (including donning) Task 

Obstacle and recovery is intended to mirror a real mine rescue emergency. Each team will begin by donning their breathing apparatus’s and benching the basket, gas detectors, first aid equipment, and other gear. The task will take place under oxygen in full gear with a fully loaded basket. The team and their coordinator will receive a debrief of the incident, and a five man basket team will proceed into a mock mine to carry out the mission. While advancing into the mine the team will assess conditions and correctly proceed when facing fire, smoke, dangerous gasses, fallen ground, water, or injured workers. Ventilation is also a very large component and calculations may be required from the coordinator. With the mock mines, seals to change ventilation are constructed using tarps and nails. This will be a timed event.  

Fire Task 

Pending on location approval, live fire will be utilized for this task. Teams will be required to wear fire resistant coveralls or turn out gear. It will be designed to test each team’s proper application of fire fighter knowledge. The fire will either be fought with fire extinguishers, fire hoses, or high expansion foam. Teams may be required to refill fire extinguishers. This will be a timed event.  

First Aid Task 

For this task a six person team will compete in a triage first aid scenario with multiple patients. The judging will refer to standard level 1 first aid with St John Ambulance protocols. It will require teams to utilize spinal immobilization and on going patient care. The scenario will simulate a potential mine rescue call. This will be a timed event.  

Written Exam and BG4 Technician Task 

One team member will act as a technician and will participate in a technician task. This will require the technician to trouble shoot, assemble, and bench a BG4. This requires a high knowledge of benching a BG4 and using an isolation kit to trouble shoot the apparatus. The remaining 5 team members will complete a written exam that will cover general mine rescue knowledge. This may include a general fire knowledge test. All knowledge tested will be universal to all districts. This will be a timed event.