Who we are

The UBC Underground Mine Rescue Team is made up of undergraduate students from the Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering. Founded in 2011, UBC Mine Rescue is proud to be the first University Mine Rescue team in Canada

The dedicated individuals that make up the UBC Mine Rescue Team have committed much personal time and effort to learning, executing, and upholding the utmost safety standards. They demonstrate these values within their university community and the entire mining industry. Our members are trained for Mine Rescue, Rope Rescue and First Aid to hone their emergency response skills.

The Team is proud to represent the UBC Mining Engineering department in all events and competitions we attend internationally.


What We Do

The Team trains mainly at UBC where we practice by running through scenarios we create in incident command and decision making, first aid techniques, rope rescue, and basket training. 

The team outsources training from industry professional and we are very grateful to have training sponsors in Ontario Mine Rescue, Dynamic Rope Rescue, and Valley First Aid to train the team to industry standards in their emergency response skills.

UBC Mine Rescue competes in two major competitions: the biennial intercollegiate Mine Emergency Response Development (MERD) competition hosted by the Colorado School of Mines and the annual BC Provincial Mine Rescue Competition where the team will compete against active teams in the province


Mine Emergency Response Development (MERD) Competition:

2019, 1st Place Overall Women’s Team, 2nd Place Overall Boy’s Team

2017, 2nd Place Overall
2015, 2nd Place Overall
2013, 3rd Place Overall
2011, 1st Place Overall