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Formed in 2011 by students wishing to actively promote and contribute to industry safety, the UBC Mine Rescue Team has grown to become a respected and well-recognized student body both on local and international levels. We are the first university Mine Rescue team in Canada, and seek to continue expanding our abilities and developing future leaders for the mining industry.

The Team trains and competes in the biennial Mine Emergency Response Development (MERD) competition held at the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) in Idaho Springs, Colorado as well as the annual British Columbia Provincial Mine Rescue Competition. Proper rescue training and the requisite travel create a serious need for funding beyond that normally provided to student groups. 

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committed to learning, executing and upholding the utmost safety standards


Safety is one of the core values of every company in the mining industry. Educating students at the university level will instill a culture of safety before they graduate and transition into full time employment. Tools and equipment purchased by the mine rescue team are available for use with other groups within the mining department, while the physical existence of a Mine Rescue team will spark interest in emergency response training and safety culture. Students from the mine rescue team become department safety ambassadors and will work towards a zero harm environment for the rest of their careers.

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